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Happy Friday NCE Families! April is a busy month for our upper elementary students as they get ready to take their STAAR test. Teachers, Admin and Students have been working really hard these last few months to tackle the STAAR! We know our students will do amazing with their upcoming assessments.

Families, please make sure your students:

  • Have a working laptop. If their laptop is damaged, please let your students teacher know so that they can submit a ticket to get it fixed
  • Have a working charger. All students received a charger with their laptop, but we understand these may get lost or damaged over time. We have additional charges on campus for $25 or you may purchase one at Amazon.
  • Ensure your children are getting a full night’s rest. We need them to be awake and engaged at school.
  • Are eating a good, healthy breakfast.

Families, please stay tunes as these next few weeks will pass by quickly. Be sure you are following up with Family Notes and ClassDojo so you don’t miss any important messages as we have a few events coming up.


Have a nice, safe weekend!


Diana Saavedra

Director of Campus Operations 

Week of April 08 to April 12

  • PreK- 85.71%
  • Kinder- 87.21%

  • 1st- 90.16%

  • 2nd- 88.94%

  • 3rd- 89.63%

  • 4th- 90.91%

  • 5th- 91.59%



On Tuesday, March 17th students will take the STAAR, there will be NO early pick-ups or visitors.

Please plan accordingly.


Friendly reminder that we are NOT releasing students from the front office unless:

  • They are walkers.
  • Family does not have the physical purple tag (if it has been lost or misplaced, you can request a new set for $5).
  • They have a pickup arrangement.
  • They are being picked up from the nurse’s office.


Families, in our efforts to boost our attendance, we are excited to announce our next attendance contest.


All students present and on time from April 15 to April 26 will be entered in a drawing to win, drumroll, please....


  • Fire 7 kids 7" tablet (Pk - 1st grade)


  • Amazon fire HD 8 tablet (2nd - 5th)




Families, this is a reminder that for our attendance contests, students need to be physically present in the classroom to be considered.

AU- student is absent.

AE- student’s absence is excused.

MD- medical day, this count as present.

If the student has a doctor’s appointment and comes to school after ADA (9:30 am) with the doctor’s note, the student will be considered present for that day (MD).


Know a family or friend that may be interested in YES Prep?

Send them our way!


At YES Prep, we believe every student, every family deserves an opportunity for a prosperous future and we are so thankful that you have entrusted us with providing a quality and enriching education for your student.

We also understand that our best advocates are families just like yours; families who have good experiences to share with other families who may be interested in getting the same high-quality, college-ready education for their child/ren. 

Please say YES and help us reach others by referring family or friends who deserve the same opportunities offered at YES Prep.


When you refer a family, you’ll get rewarded with some YES Prep swag!



April 16: Selena Day: Wear your favorite Selena-inspired outfit or shirt/accessories

April 16: STAAR test Pep Rally


April 18: Autism Awareness Night (5:00 pm - 6:30 pm)

April 19: PFA Meeting (8:30 am - 9:30am)

April 19: Chuck E. Cheese Fundraising




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