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Hi families,

We are approaching the end of the year, but we still have a lot to learn and do. We want all SPARKS to continue to work hard and be prepared for the next grade. To achieve this, we need your help ensuring that your child is at school every day to avoid missing out on various learning opportunities. During May, we will continue to work hard with students to reach their academic goals and prepare them for the grade.

We are seeing so much progress in all of our students. We are so proud of each one of them. We are proud of how they treat one another, how they are setting and meeting goals, how they are willing to accept responsibility, and how they can problem-solve in academic and social situations. It will take all of us to help our students become the best versions of themselves.

Please watch for information about upcoming events and important testing dates coming up.

As a reminder, students should not bring toys to school. This would include games, trading cards, action figures, electronics, etc. These items quickly become distractions in the classroom and create problems when they go missing or are traded at school. Please remind your child not to bring these items to school.


Mr. Martinez

Assistant Principal

  • Per the student handbook, students MUST be in the classroom by 7:25 am, otherwise, they will be considered tardy.


  • As we approach the end of the school year, we will begin to collect library books and blue bags. If your child has not/ does not return their library supplies, I will send out paper notices the week of April 17th. If you have any questions feel free to message me on Class Dojo or email me at mirna.cardenas@yesprep.org



  • School starts at 7:25 am and Dismissal starts at 3:00 pm.
  • If you need to pick up your student early, 2:15 pm is the cut-out time NO EXCEPTIONS- Please plan accordingly.
  • The front office CLOSES EVERY DAY from 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm in order to prepare for dismissal.
  • Birthdays are celebrated on Fridays ONLY, make sure you drop off the treats BEFORE 9:30 am (store-bought cupcakes, chips, juices, and goodie bags are accepted). NO WARM food is allowed.
  • Special meal deliveries are allowed on FRIDAYS ONLY and meals must be delivered (by parent/guardian or family member) 30min BEFORE the student's lunch break. We DO NOT accept Doordash/Uber Eats deliveries for students.
  • We DO NOT accept deliveries after 9:30 am, this includes snacks for the class, lunch bags...
  • Physical IDs are REQUIRED to pick up students from the front office before dismissal time.
  • If you need to add an emergency contact for your student, please come to the front office to fill out the form.
  • After-school program parents, please wait in your car until dismissal starts, We can't have families wait in the lobby when staff is not present (The office closes at 4:00 pm)


Flip-flops, slides, and crocs should not be worn to school.

STAAR Test Prep (the SPARKS way):

  • Sleep. It's important to be well-rested.
  • Plan a Treat. Give your student something to look forward to. Plan something special!
  • Always Eat Right. Eat a balanced breakfast and bring healthy snacks for test day. To keep energy levels up.
  • Remain Calm. You Got This!
  • Keep Dressing Comfortably. Make sure to dress in layers in clothes that are comfortable for long periods of time.
  • Stress-free. Be Confident. A positive attitude goes a long way!

Hi Sparks Families!

It is time for students in K-4th grade to show what they know! End of year MAP testing will begin on Monday, May 8! Please view the schedule below to see specific dates/times your student will be testing. It is imperative that students arrive to school ON TIME on the days of MAP testing to ensure they complete the test with their class. Additionally, it is important that students come to school with their headphones, laptops, and charger, as all tests are completed online.

Most importantly, please remind your student of the importance of this test. This test will measure their progress they have made this school year and help them set goals for next year. We know that all our students can be successful in showing what they know! Teachers will be engaging in goal setting with our students and students will be able to tell you what their goal is for their end of year MAP tests. Please take an opportunity to encourage them to do their best and remind them that we all believe in them! 😊

If you have any questions or concerns about MAP testing, please feel free to comment below or email Mrs. Ybarra at Jaime.Ybarra@yesprep.org


Hi Families!

We are so proud of how hard students have been working on Imagine Learning and Study Island both at school and at home!

This week, we started our school-wide competition to see which classes and grade levels can be our top performers in both programs.

Pre-K through 2nd graders is working to have the highest usage on Imagine Learning. Imagine Learning is an individualized, language, math, and literacy software program designed to help all students master essential reading, math, and speaking skills.

Here are our top classes for the week of 4/17 - 4/21

Here are our top students in each grade level for the week of 4/17 - 4/21

3rd and 4th-grade students are working to have the highest accuracy and earn the bluest ribbons on Study Island. Study Island is a standards-based program that aligns with the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) where students are engaged in STAAR-aligned questions to prepare them for upcoming assessments and tests.

It is a competition-based game that encourages students to read passages, solve math problems, and answer questions correctly so they can earn blue ribbons, play games, and compete with other students from our school and around the country!

Here are our top 3rd-grade users for the week of 4/17 - 4/21

Here are our top 4th-grade users for the week of 4/17 - 4/21


  • May 1st: On this day we will celebrate Ms. LaFlure our wonderful principal and Ms. Leah our resident principal for school principal's day.
  • On May 1st dress as a runner to celebrate Ms. LaFlure
  • May 4: Wear your favorite star wars shirt/costume and May the Force be with you!
  • May 5: Wear something colorful to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
  • May 5 is school lunch hero day and we will be celebrating our wonderful cafeteria staff. We have 5 lunch heroes and we appreciate all the hard work they put into feeding our SPARKS.


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