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Dear SPARKS Parents,

The month of November is filled with reflection and gratitude. As I begin to reflect back to the beginning of the school year and now, I am in awe of how excited our students are to be an NCE Spark. I am filled with so much gratitude for each and every one of our students. We wish to thank you for your continued support throughout the school year. Our commitment to you and your student is very important to us. We are dedicated to providing your student with quality education and service. Thank you for trusting us and committing to North Central Elementary. Please take the time this break to remind your SPARKS that we are all extremely grateful for them and enjoy their presence on our campus.

Have an amazing Fall Break. See you all bright and early Monday, November 29th.


Ms. Vanessa López

Elementary Director of School Operations

Our theme for the month of November is Gratitude, our SPARK value this month is Self Awareness. We are focusing on both our theme and value by showing gratitude for our hard-working custodian staff.

During the month of November, students will be asked to become more aware of their actions as it pertains to the upkeep of their school. From the classroom to the halls, we will be taking the time to clean up our campus. If you wish to support with a donation we are asking for donations of the following items to aid in this month’s mission;

• Swiffer Wet Jet Pads

• Paper towels

• Magic Erasers

• 6 Swiffer Wet Jets

• Hand Held Vacuums

These items can be sent to school with your child or left at our front office.

As always we appreciate your support!

Student Attendance Reminders:

Parents, please be aware that we need you to contact our campus at 713- 842-5640 if your student is absent.

An excuse note must be turned in to the FRONT OFFICE within 48 hours of their return to campus. Excuse notes will NOT be accepted after 48 hours. You can send the excuse with your student, or you can email Mrs. Rodriguez at victoria.rodriguez@yesprep.org

To remain in compliance with our district, please note the following:

• All excuse notes need to be received within 48 hours of the absence.

• If the absence falls on a Friday, the note must be received no later than Tuesday the following week.

• Notes received after 48 hours will not be accepted and the absence will not be excused.

• Only three (3) handwritten excuse notes will be accepted per six-week grading period. Handwritten notes will not be accepted for absences of 3 days or more.

• After this limit is reached, only documentation from a medical provider or official entity (court, etc.) will be accepted to excuse an absence.

November 22nd - 26th: This is Fall Break and there will be NO SCHOOL.

November 29th: Your Attendance is so bright you've got to wear SHADES! Wear shades to school.

December 1st: Wear a red ribbon, bow, tie, or bowtie for World AIDS day.

December 3rd: This is an Early Dismissal day and dismissal starts at 12:15 pm

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