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This month has flown by, and we have enjoyed every moment with your students. As we move into February, I want to share that this second semester will fly by! It is so important to get your student here every day and on time. Please ensure you are getting students to campus by 7:25 a.m. so they can get a healthy breakfast, engage in morning writing, and build community through morning meetings and grade-level huddles.

In the coming weeks, our students will continue to have Common Assessments for math and science in grades 3rd – 5th. This is one of the last two chances students have to practice before they take the STAAR in April and May. Our bilingual and ESL students will also take the TELPAS this month. Our teachers are working hard to prepare students for these exams, so please help us by ensuring your students are at school every day.

In February, I ask that families emphasize the importance of one of our core values at NCE, KINDNESS. As your students, what does it mean to be kind, and why is it important to be kind to others? As adults, we must model kindness for kids. Children learn by observation, and when they witness adults consistently practicing kindness, they internalize those behaviors. By demonstrating acts of kindness, we not only teach them empathy and understanding but also instill the understanding that small gestures can have a profound impact on others. Modeling kindness sets a powerful example, creating a ripple effect that contributes to the development of a generation that values empathy, cooperation, and positive relationships.

Thank you so much families, we are looking forward to February and beyond!

All my best,

Mr. Martinez


Week of 01/22 - 01/26

  • PreK- 92.09%
  • Kinder- 90.70%
  • 1st- 91.77%
  • 2nd- 94.15%
  • 3rd- 92.89%
  • 4th- 96.09%
  • 5th- 95.91%

Total Attendance: 93.56%


The Parent Family Association will be selling Valentine grams from January 22nd- February 8th to fundraise for Teacher Appreciation Week. The Valentine's gram will include a red carnation and a small heart-shaped box of chocolates for $5.00.

Parents, students, and staff may purchase a Valentine's gram to send to students and staff at our school. Your student should have received an order form in their red folder. If you are interested in purchasing a Valentine's gram, please return the form with the money (in an envelope or Ziploc bag) by February 8th.

Please note that we will only have a limited amount of Valentine grams available for purchase. We will not be taking any orders and may not have extra arrangements for sale after February 8th. All purchased Valentine grams will be delivered on Wednesday, February 14th. Show some love and send your Valentine or favorite teacher/staff member a Valentine's gram!



On Tuesday, February 23rd our students (3rd - 5th) will be taking their Common Assessment, this test mocks the STAAR test. We will NOT have early pick-ups for ANY student in ANY grade level, please plan accordingly.


Families, if you need to pick up your student from the front office, you MUST present your physical ID.


If the school nurse or the legacy clinic call you to pick up your student, make sure you have your ID BEFORE you come and get the student from the office.


We accept driver’s licenses, passports, matricula consular, and EAD Cards... Documents MUST have a picture to be accepted.


We WILL NOT accept picture IDs when picking up from the front office. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Some other reminders:

  • The cut-out time for early pick-ups is 2:15 pm, please make the necessary arrangements to be on campus on time to avoid any inconvenience.
  • The front office closes every day from 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm to prepare for dismissal.
  • If you forget your car tag, you can pick up the student from the front office at 3:15 pm, MUST have an ID.

Dear Sparks Families,

Friendly Reminder for families to please review any communication sent to you about immunization records and submit an updated copy to the school nurse. All students must have extra clothes in their backpacks for any accident. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone/email.



Nida Ahmad,

RN School Nurse

(713) 924-5513



January 30- Common Assessment (No early pick-ups or visitors allowed)

January 31- Movie Night 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm. We will be showing Space Jam

February 01- Thursday Love- Wear red, yellow, and/or green

February 02- 100 Days of School Celebration



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