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We have started an Imagine Learning competition at school and the students are extremely excited about it. We wanted to tell you about it so that you can promote Imagine Learning at home as well. Imagine Learning is an online platform that provides individualized instruction to students in math, reading, and English language development (for our bilingual students). Students have time daily to work on Imagine Learning and we encourage them to utilize the program at home as well. This will help grade levels win the weekly competition and earn free time with their class on Friday.

So far, second grade has won twice and first grade won this week. We announce the winning grade level every Wednesday. It is a close competition (see totals below) and we are excited to see which grade level wins at the end of this week 😊

Ms. LaFlure.


Please make sure you have your ID with you when picking your student(s) up.

Birthday Parties

Families, please remember that for birthday parties, Whole cakes and homemade cupcakes ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Food Deliveries

Please do not forget that food deliveries are ONLY allowed on Fridays.

We are ONLY allowing sealed drinks during food deliveries.

Hey SPARK Families,

We have been doing so much better with our Attendance and we know that is because of your continued efforts to have your students in school every day even if they have a doctor's appointment.

**Just a quick reminder our school's official attendance time is 9:30 am, which means if you come in after 9:30 am without a doctor's note your student is counted absent for the entire day. **If you come in after 9:30 am with a doctor's note then you are counted as present for the entire day.

Thank you so much for your continued efforts to make sure our SPARKS are in school every day and on time.

Thank you,

NCE Attendance Office

Dear Spark Families,

Friendly Reminders:

  • Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school every day to stay hydrated.
  • Please send a spare change of clothes with your child to use in case there is an accident/spill.
  • If your child needs any medication during school hours, please reach out to the school nurse for further information.


Nida Ahmad, RN

(713) 924-5513

March 29th: Wear your clothes Inside out.

April 1st: Early Dismissal. Dismissal starts at 12:15 pm

April 4th: Wear blue.

April 6th: Wear your favorite Tartan



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